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  1. It is very encouraging that two U.S. states, Minnesota and Oregon, have passed legislation to cover doulas under Medicaid. The recently New York Doula Report from Choices in Childbirth provides an overview of the medical evidence supporting the benefits of doula care, and goes on to say: “With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act comes an unprecedented opportunity to ensure that women receive quality, respectful maternity care throughout their pregnancy and childbirth experience. Doula Care in New York City: Advancing the Goals of the Affordable Care Act examines doula care within the “triple aim” framework to demonstrate how doula care can help to improve outcomes, reduce spending and improve the patient experience of care. The report also considers the powerful role that doulas can play in fostering greater patient engagement in health care decision-making and reducing disparities in health outcomes, additional goals outlined in the ACA.” Read more from my Awakening the Doula Spirit blog

  2. Hello! It is exciting for me to read the posts here as I am looking to reach out to others in the birthing community to promote coverage for doula care, especially for low-income women, in California. I am one of the coordinators of Pro Bono Doula Services of Marin, a non-profit organization that has been providing volunteer doulas to low-income women in our county for the past 4.5 years. I would appreciate some guidance in organizing to follow Minnesota’s and Oregon’s lead in establishing doula coverage through MediCal. I don’t know if there are others in California who are already organizing around this effort and, if so, would love to be in touch with them. I’m so very delighted to have found your coalition listed in Patty Brennan’s The Doula Business Guide. Thank you for any help you can give me. Cynthia Whitman-Bradley, Pro Bono Doula Services of Marin.

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