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Doula Care, Birth Outcomes, and Costs Among Medicaid Beneficiaries

Objectives.We compared childbirth-related outcomes for Medicaid recipients who received prenatal education and childbirth support from trained doulas with outcomes from a national sample of similar women and estimated potential cost savings. Methods. We calculated descriptive statistics for Medicaid-funded births nationally (from the 2009 Nationwide Inpatient Sample; n = 279 008) and births supported by doula […]

Oregon’s House Bill 3311

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Doula care for low-income women could save taxpayers money

Doula care for low-income women could save taxpayers money New research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health has found lower cesarean birth rates among Medicaid beneficiaries with access to support from a birth doula than among Medicaid patients nationally.  A doula is not a medical provider, but rather a trained professional who […]

Reducing the c-section rate could save $5 billion annually

Is this email not displaying correctly? View the original blog post. Dear Stacy, Last month, Childbirth Connection issued Cesarean or Vaginal Birth: What Is At Stake for Mothers and Babies, a best evidence review cataloging dozens of adverse outcomes made more common by cesarean surgery. Maternal infections, prolonged pain, life-threatening complications, and childhood chronic illnesses – […]

New York State Medicaid Funding for Doula Support

New York Coalition for Doula Access New York State Medicaid Funding for Doula Support We, the undersigned, represent a coalition of organizations that collectively share a commitment to ensure that all women have access to high-quality childbirth options that are both safe and satisfying. Today, we join together to voice our support of Medicaid funding […]

Doula Researches and CMS Website from Jill Wodnick, M.A.

 One of the research tools I have used to designate which perinatal services are covered by Medicaid is the Kaiser Family Foundation’s “State Medicaid Coverage of Perinatal Services” report from 2009.  Clearly, it is dated, but an important tool in our ongoing research.  I hope they update the report soon, as the state I […]

Evidence-based labor and delivery management

Evidence-based labor and delivery management Vincenzo Berghella, MD; Jason K. Baxter, MD, MSCP; Suneet P. Chauhan, MD Our objective was to provide evidence-based guidance for managment decisions during labor and delivery. We performed MEDLINE, PubMed, and COCHRANE searches with the terms labor , delivery , pregnancy , randomized trials , plus each management aspect of labor and delivery […]