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Directory of NCFDA Members

Jill Wodnick 

has demonstrated experience executing a birth doula public health program for better birth outcomes, focusing reducing perinatal racial disparities and increasing breastfeeding initiation and retention.  She has trained women’s health professionals and home visitors on childbirth education and the role of doulas.  She has taught Lamaze  & Birthing From Within childbirth education to hundreds of expectant parents.   Jill was  the Expert Doula for Destination MaternityPregnancy Magazine, the PBS program ‘Real Savvy Moms‘ and the non profit Parental Wisdom site. With a vibrant communication background, a passion for public policy and outstanding extemporaneous speaking, she brings important collaborations and experience in community based organizations with a lens on the impact of birth and breastfeeding on the motherbaby dyad.  Jill has a foundation in teaching multi-disciplinary s, incorporating humanities, theatre arts and communication studies at Seton Hall Prep, Seton Hall University and the NJ Governor’s School of Public Issues.  Since 2010-December 2012, coordinated the Community Doula Fellowship at the Partnership for Hudson Perinatal Consortium funded by the  Merck’s NJ Neighbor of Choice award. Jill is now an Affiliate Faculty at Montclair State University’s Center for Autism and Infant Mental Health in addition to teaching doula workshops in Newark, NJ.  Her new email isJillWodnick@gmail.com

Mary-Powel Thomas

is the community programs manager for Healthy Start Brooklyn and director of the By My Side Birth Support Program, which provides doulas for pregnant women in Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods. She also directs By My Side’s community doula training program for women. A DONA-trained but non-practicing birth doula, she “doulas the doulas” who work or train with By My Side. She and her husband have two teenage sons, but they did not have a doula for either birth, making Ms. Thomas a passionate advocate for bringing doulas to underserved women. She is a co-founder of the New York Coalition for Doula Access.

Ms. Thomas has also been director of Health and Human Services for the Brooklyn Borough President, president of her school district’s Community Education Council, and a high school French teacher, as well as having a 15-year career as an editor in the magazine industry. At her children’s Title I elementary school, she founded and ran two different after-school programs and a parent-led Enrichment Clubs program. She holds a BA in English with high honors from the University of Notre Dame.

Mary Williams

is one of the co-founders of Everyday Miracles. Mary has over 29 years nursing background & the last 13 years working with woman during their childbearing years – with an emphasis on Supporting and Empowering them to improve birth outcomes, through her Postpartum nursing career and her Doula work. During these years Mary played an intricate role in the development and start up of the Unity Hospital Doula program. Working closely with hospital staff & Administration, Local High school pregnancy programs and Public health nurses.
Working as a a Doula and liaison for the hospital program enabled her see the profound needs in the community and together with Debby Prudhomme created Everyday Miracles Doula Program. Creating a Doula program for the women of high risk that could not afford Doula services but would benefit the most from the support and Non-judgmental advocacy of another woman. Everyday Miracles was founded in June of 2003 and now has served over 2000 families. Everyday Miracles opened a Pregnancy Center in November of 2009 with options for these women to Recieve Free Doula Services, attend childbirth classes, Prenatal yoga, Receive Healing touch, Participate in a mom’s support group or just come to the center and hang out in a safe place.

Mary has over 6 years of Experience teaching childbirth Education for the Everyday Miracles Clientele.
Mary’s work history includes, Case manager for development of care plans in long-term care facilities, CPR instructor, Tardive dyskenisia monitor for the state of minnesota, including many years as a charge nurse of a sub-a-cute Tran scare unit.

Mary is also Trained in level 4 healing touch therapy. Completing her internship by april 2012 with hope of recievinga practitioners certificate. This is also something that is incorporated into the options for the Everyday Miracles clients.

Mary took her first Doula training in 1998 with ICEA and then 4 years later with DONA ( Doulas of North America).

Mary Believes that with your career in alignment with your passion all things are possible. Everyday Miracles is proof that women supporting women works!

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Chairperson of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative, IMBCI, a Lamaze International certified childbirth educator and teacher trainer with a Passion for Birth. Debra serves on the Childbirth Connection Board of Directors. She served on the first Board of Directors for DONA International and is a DONA approved Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer. She is Director of the documentary “Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret” and co-author of Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth. Her other publications include: “Nurturing Beginnings: MotherLove’s Guide to Postpartum Home Care for Doulas and Outreach Workers”, as well as many articles about optimal MotherBaby care, and continuous support during childbirth and the early postpartum period. Learn more at www.debrapascalibonaro.com

Susan Abdallah Lane

3644 45th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55406; salane@visi.com; Hm: 612-722-7001 Cell: 612-81901544
Before working in the birth world I was a planner and supervisor with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board for 30 years, 10 years in Planning and Development (which I taught for 2 semesters at Mankato State University in 1996-97), and 20 years in community recreation working developing family programs.
In 1996 I attended doula training. In January of 1997 I retired from the park system and began my career in birth. Since then

  • I have worked 14 years as a doula, over 220 births attended, certified by DONA.
  • I have taught childbirth education for 12 years, 8 certified by Lamaze.
  • I am certified as a lactation counselor by the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice.
  • I earned a Master’s Degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University in 2010, with an emphasis on spirituality and psychology, especially as related to recovery from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. I was trained in hypnosis at the University of Minnesota.
  • I completed Level 1 Healing Touch 2010 (pursuing fall 2011)
  • With my colleague who is a PhD psychologist I have developed a psycho-educational curriculum for couples who have experienced difficult or traumatic childbirth (not infant loss) and are pregnant again, preparing for another birth. The series, called “Another Birth, Another Story”, was presented this September at the Postpartum International convention in Seattle.
  • I authored the resolution recommending doula care for all women which was passed in 2009 by the Minnesota Public Health Association.
  • I have been the chief lobbyist for doula care at the legislature from 2003 to the present, and will be working for MA and 3rdparty payment for doulas this fall and next year. I have cordial and positive relationships with members of both political parties and with other health care lobbyists.
  • I founded the Minnesota Better Birth Coalition to pursue the objectives of the report through public education and legislation.
  • At the 2008 Lamaze conference I gave a presentation on supporting the agenda of the Millbank Report, “Evidence-based maternity care: what it is and what it can do” through legislation and public health policy.
  • In 2009 the Mn Better Birth Coalition initiated legislation for the licensing of birth centers which ultimately passed in 2010.
  • I guided the incorporation of the Childbirth Collective and was an officer for seven years, from 1998-2004. The Collective had seven branches around the state during my tenure, and five remain, with overall increased membership. Minnesota has more doula-supported births per capita than any other state.
  • I have written numerous articles for the Collective newsletter; the MN Women’s Press published my article regarding doula care in 2001. I am happy to share any of these articles.
  • I have completed over 250 CEUs related to birth, postpartum, childbirth education and breastfeeding over the past 12 years.
  • I have been the Minnesota State Representative for DONA for six years, and convened and organized two state gatherings.

Debby Prudhomme

is one of the Co-Founders of Everyday Miracles. She has a thirty (32) year background in accounting and human resources. Her passion for women and childbirth brought her to Doula work in 1998. She has been working as a Certified Doula since, first certifying through Sage Femme Midwifery School and currently with Dona (Doula’s of North America).

Debby worked with the Unity Hospital Doula program during its conception and for the following four years. She was the Doula Liaison for three of those years working closely with Hospital Administration, Public Health Nurses and Anoka County Healthy Start. Hennepin County Medical Center hired her as a staff doula where she worked on an on-call basis for two years with multi-cultural high-risk mothers.

It was during this time that the great need for a comprehensive Doula program that was not specific to a county or hospital became apparent and her passion led her to form Everyday Miracles. Everyday Miracles was founded in June 2003 and has provided Doula services to over 2000 families. The program provides prenatal yoga, prenatal education, Doula services and a Mom’s support group to low-income families in the Twin Cities area with the objective of improving birth outcomes, increasing breastfeeding rate and maternal/infant attachment.

Debby received her Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Hamline University Graduate School of Management in 2006.

Tammy Ryan

Tammy Ryan has been working with pregnant women and new families over 15 years as a doula, childbirth educator and Prenatal Parenting Instructor.. She is a International Birth Doula trainer , 3rd Party Coordinator and Midwest US Regional Director for DONA International. She is co-owner of BabyMatters that offers doula services and online childbirth classes.Tammy started working in under developed countries in 2005 to help improve the mortality rate by showing how doulas can show compassion to a laboring woman  and teaching them life saving skills. She has worked in the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti & Korea. Currently she is starting a non profit to get needed supplies to these countries and help bring doulas to work with the women and teach non medical skills to staff. She has been a quest speaker on several venues including radio, TV, universities, Ministry of health & nursing programs.